covid-19 update

Here is an important update about our worship services and ministry gatherings for the next few weeks in light of the Coronavirus pandemic. The CDC has modified its recommendations and urged all of us to avoid gatherings over 50 people. Additionally, President Trump encouraged all of us to avoid gatherings in excess of 10 people. As a result, for the safety of everyone, we are canceling all in-person ministry events, activities, and groups of any size for the foreseeable future. 

All New Life Church weekend worship services will be streamed online, with all of us worshipping together and hearing the same message to keep us spiritually united while we’re geographically separated. Furthermore, each of our congregations’ pastors and ministry directors will be providing additional points of contact and words of encouragement through each congregation’s website, Facebook page, Instagram, podcasts, and more. Be sure to follow us on social media so we can stay connected.

 As one church family, let’s look for ways to care for those who live alone, who live with chronic anxiety or other mental health concerns, who have limited access to resources, who cannot work from home and are scrambling to arrange childcare, who are grieving changes to major life events such as weddings and graduations, who work in health care, who are experiencing significant economic challenges, who are now in limbo due to cancelled deployments or moves, and so much more. Let’s take care of each other and keep trusting the Lord together!