Premarital Mentoring

Every fall and spring, our pastors host a premarital day for seriously dating, engaged, and even newly married couples. Afterwards we partner you with marriage mentors who use the Prepare-Enrich assessment to coach you through several weeks of premarital counseling.

Marriage Mentoring

On an as needed basis, we can partner you with another couple to mentor you and your spouse for a set period of time.

Wedding Officiating

Our pastors would love to talk with you about officiating your wedding.

First Year

First Year meets every other Friday night to help newly married couples establish strong, committed, intimate, passionate marriages right from the start. Couples are welcome to join for one year as soon as you're married! Contact Martha Cole for more information.

Marriage Enrichment Events

Every spring, all of our congregations join together for a one-day marriage conference at New Life North. We also periodically provide other enrichments events for New Life Downtown couple.

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