Premarital Mentoring and Wedding Officiating

We are excited to be able to come alongside you to help you better prepare for your marriage. At New Life Downtown, the load of premarital counseling is shared between pastors and a selective group of trained marriage mentor couples. All of us are certified in a relationship tool called Prepare-Enrich, which is the best assessment tool in the nation.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to email Pastor Evan Reedall.

First Year

First Year meets every 1st and 3rd Friday night to help newly married couples establish strong, committed, intimate marriages right from the start. Couples are welcome to join anytime in their first year of marriage! Contact Evan Reedall for more information.

Marriage Mentoring

Marriage mentors are couples within New Life Downtown who love to use their decades worth of discipleship and marriage experience to come alongside, encourage, and invest into your marriage. Maybe you’re facing a life transition or marital tough-times. We all get to places where we need others wisdom to help guide us. We can partner you with another couple to mentor you and your spouse while you navigate life.

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