Mentor Cohort

At New Life Downtown, we are passionate about our calling to make disciples. One of the primary forms of discipleship that we have identified is mentoring. Our desire through this mentor cohort is to challenge, encourage, and equip one another as mentors so that we can better serve those we are mentoring. This cohort is for those that are currently mentoring someone else or who are open to becoming mentors. We will discuss the difference between mentor and mentee led discipleship; discuss pitfalls, roadblocks, and obstacles in mentoring; and hear from guest speakers and one another in an interactive environment. We meet once a month on Sundays for lunch after the 11am service. 

Mentored Discipleship Training

Join us for a morning of training and development in Mentored Discipleship. We will cover the ways God has designed us for growth, how to discern God’s invitation towards specific growth goals, and developing plans in order to be intentional about those growth goals. This morning will lead into an opportunity for you to design your own formation plan, and then partner over the following few months with Pastor Evan, Pastor Martha, or an additional mentor to join with God in maturity and growth. You do not need to already have a mentor in order to participate. If you have one, that’s great! If you don’t, we can help you find one.